Blue sneakers - classic with a twist

Like black and white sneakers, blue women's sneakers belong in the category of classics. The colour is basic enough for the shoes to be easily matched, making the blue sneakers a safe choice for your wardrobe. At the same time, the blue colour will give a little edge to your outfit, adding a touch without being an element that takes too much focus from your outfit.

Among WODEN's range of blue sneakers, you'll find models in a wide spectrum - from the very classic to variants with more details. You can choose between blue women's sneakers in leather or textile and go in search of the right model, whether you want a smarter shoe or need sneakers for an active everyday life.

Do you like dark blue sneakers or a lighter model?

When choosing your new blue sneakers, it's good to consider whether you want dark blue sneakers or if you're more into a lighter model. Indeed, the navy or dark blue sneakers work by being classic in the same way as white and black sneakers, while the lighter shoes will add edge to your outfit.

Wear your dark blue sneakers with trendier outfits where you want a sporty look. Or wear them with sportswear or soft loungewear to upgrade your outfit.

Sneakers in lighter shades of blue can act as a fresh element in your outfit that - more so than dark blue sneakers - will draw attention. At the same time, they will still go with almost everything. For example, try pairing your light blue sneakers with shades of tomato-red or orange for a combination that will really liven up your look. For more inspiration, check out our range of sneakers in other colours. Here you will find green shoes, black sneakers, white sneakers, yellow sneakers and pink sneakers.

Woden has blue sneakers in many shades, such as vintage blue and navy sneakers, as well as the light blue sneakers ice blue or blue skies.

Focus on blue sneakers for women
- Blue sneakers are classic with an edge
- Blue sneakers can add a twist to your look
- WODEN has blue women's sneakers in many different categories. Shop online here

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