Mens shoes

Explore the new season with stylish and fashionable mens shoes from WODEN. With a focus on design and quality, we have created a wide selection of mens shoes for many different looks, and for every taste. We have made sure to combine fashion and functionality so that you are always sure to find a pair of mens shoes that have a high quality and are both practical and functional.

Design your own look with mens shoes from WODEN MENS

From business shoes to sneakers. At WODEN you can find the perfect footwear for a busy and versatile life. We have made it possible to find just the right pair of men's shoes for your personal style, with a unique selection of modern men's shoes in all possible designs, colors and materials. With changing weather from season to season, it is absolutely essential to have solid and practical footwear that is resistant. With a pair of men's shoes from WODEN, you can be sure that you have a pair of practical, stylish and quality-conscious men's shoes for several seasons to come - regardless of the occasion and the weather conditions. At WODEN, we design with the belief that fashion, functionality and anatomy are essential elements in durable footwear. That's why you get a cool pair of shoes for men at WODEN that are carefully designed and produced by passionate and skilled people in high quality natural materials that are both sustainably produced and resistant to all kinds of weather. The range includes our popular rain boots for men, which are based on WODEN's best-selling women's rain boots, now available in a range of colours, exclusively for men.

Different kinds of mens shoes

Sneakers for men

There is a wide range of men's shoes out there, but nothing beats a good pair of classic sneakers. Sneakers for men are, with their cool and timeless look, a safe choice for most people, and they can be matched with almost everything. At WODEN, we have provided a selection of sneakers for men in a timeless design, where comfort is at its highest. The flexible materials in our shoes mean that they are shoes that you can easily wear all day without getting sore feet. This applies both if you use your sneakers indoors in an office, if you search outside in nature on long walks or if your sneakers are used for parties. With a pair of all-round sneakers for men from WODEN, you get a cool upgrade to your everyday look, with sneakers for men that are both practical and easy to keep at the same time. If you are into a more personal expression when it comes to sneakers, you can choose men's shoes that have more details in terms of design and colors. By going for the elements that underline your style, you will find that your sneakers emphasize your personality.

Men's Boots

One of the most important features of a good and functional pair of winter boots for men is finding the ideal pair of boots that can both keep you warm and dress you in style. In our selection of men's boots you will find everything from lighter chelsea boots which are ideal in the spring and summer months, as well as warmer and more practical autumn and winter boots which can handle both rain and freezing temperatures. At WODEN, it is important that our footwear not only contributes to practical features, but also design qualities that complete any look. On this page you will find a large and wide selection of different types of boots for men for both practical and stylish use, without compromising on quality or design. Explore our wide range and find a pair of men's boots that suit your current needs.

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