Ultimate sneaker comfort for the urban woman

We spend two years developing and testing our NATURAL SOFT technology. This technology ensures maximal comfort for your feet. NATURAL SOFT does that because we created a sole that focuses on both elasticity and strength without compromising support.

The secret lies in our composition of the midsole, which is made from a soft foam material called polyurethane. Polyurethane is a lightweight and shock absorbing material. In addition, the midsole is crafted with different areas of softness. Last but not least, the frame adds strength and stability.

There are many benefits from using a material like polyurethane. First of all, the shock absorption and softness have performed optimally in our test. In addition, polyurethane offer even longer durability than a classic midsole in EVA foam. You haven’t experienced comfort until you’ve worn Natural Soft.

The comfort of our NATURAL SOFT soles is implemented in some of our rubber boots, sandals and sneakers for women.

Among our sneakers, for example, you'll find the delicious soles in styles like May, Evelyn and Pernille. In the rubber boots you will find NATURAL SOFT in all Magda models. Whether it's the Magda Low Waterproof, the Magda Rubber Boot or the Magda Track Waterproof. Also in the sandals Line and Emilie the technology has been implemented.

This means that you are guaranteed good comfort, whether you are heading out into the heat of summer, the rain of autumn or the changeable weather of winter.

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