Warm winter boots for all-weather kids

All WODEN WONDER boots for children are designed with functionality and optimal comfort in mind. This means that the boots are breathable and fit the foot properly while being extremely comfortable to wear. The boots are lined, so they retain warmth during the cold autumn and winter months. Meticulously designed for Scandinavian weather and conditions, virtually all WODEN WONDER boots are waterproof, because children need to play regardless of the weather.

Stylish winter boots for children in natural materials

Children’s boots from WODEN WONDER are crafted in natural materials that provide a child’s feet with the best conditions for everyday adventures. Natural materials such as calf leather and calf suede make the boots extremely comfortable to wear and provide optimal support. This is due in part to the firm heel cap and Velcro straps on all boots, which ensures that the boot is kept in place.

The removable cork sole ensures a healthy environment in the shoe and keeps the foot in place all day long. The outsole of all winter boots for children is a mix of natural rubber, ordinary rubber and a minimum of 10% recycled rubber. This unique combination provides a flexible and durable outsole that can stand up to all everyday activities. WODEN WONDER’s designers make both winter boots for girls and winter boots for boys. That’s why there is always a wide range of colors, textures and details to suit all tastes. The design of the WODEN WONDER boots is incredibly important, and therefore all boots are carefully selected based
on seasonal trends and styles. WODEN WONDER boots follow the child’s development so all styles are available in Kids and Teen sizes.

Buy winter boots from WODEN WONDER online

Buy this year’s winter boots for the children online here. Once we have received your order you will receive a tracking number with information about your package, so that you can follow it from our warehouse until it reaches your home. If you are unsure about your child’s boot size, you can always take a look at our sizing guide here. Should you have any questions about your order, please have a look at our terms and conditions where you may find the answer to your question.

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