WODEN is inspired by nature. Based on conscious attitudes about choice of materials and production, WODEN does everything possible to take good care of nature as we know it. For you, this means that synthetic materials are widely avoided in favor of genuine leather, suede, eco-friendly cork soles inside the shoe and outsoles crafted from a minimum of 10% recycled rubber. 

WODEN’s Nordic origin, Scandinavia, is very close to our hearts. In this context, WODEN innovatively incorporates new and Nordic material choices and technologies into its footwear production, while working as sustainably as possible.


All insoles in WODEN and WODEN WONDER shoes consist of cork. Cork is a natural and sustainable material that is carefully scraped from the cork tree so that the tree remains standing and can form new bark. Cork is instrumental in ensuring a healthy environment in the shoe as well as good comfort. The cork soles are shock-absorbing, providing a comfortable and flexible shoe that fits the urban lifestyle.


WODEN strives to make sneakers that leave a green footprint. The durability and flexibility of our outsoles have been tested for many years and the result is a unique combination containing a minimum of 10% recycled rubber mixed with natural rubber and ordinary rubber, without compromising on support and comfort.

Fish leather

Sustainability is an important part of the WODEN DNA. In our North Sea Collection you will find a wide selection of sneakers crafted from salmon leather, which was originally a by-product of the fishing industry. The fishing industry uses only 1% of the salmon skin and the rest is discarded without utilizing this amazing natural resource. Salmon leather is 10 times stronger than calf leather, thanks to its natural cross-fibre structure, while calf leather fibres only run in one direction. When used as leather, fish skin provides a beautiful texture and a three-dimensional quality that fits perfectly with WODEN’s aesthetics and design expression.