WODEN sneakers for women

Whether you have small, large, wide or narrow feet it is important that you have the right footwear. Your feet must carry you throughout your life, so it is important that you don’t compromise on the quality of your footwear. We have designed sneakers that provide perfect fit and support for the foot all day long. Our trend-conscious designers focus on creating Scandinavian, minimalist sneakers in seasonal, fashionable colors and textures – without compromising on quality and comfort. Order your sneakers today from WODEN here.

Fashionable sneakers with sustainability in mind

We are pleased with Scandinavia and our world in general, so we do our best to take care of it. Our insoles consist of cork, which has natural shock-absorbing properties and thus ensures perfect comfort while providing a comfortable environment for the foot. Our outsoles consist of a combination of minimum 10%
recycled rubber mixed with ordinary rubber and natural rubber, which is instrumental in the shoe’s flexibility and support for the foot. Our North Sea Collection consists of sneakers crafted from fish leather, primarily from salmon. Fish skins are usually a waste product. Only 1% of the world’s fish skins are utilized efficiently and the rest are discarded. We attempt to incorporate fish leather into our collections, as fish leather is generally much stronger than calf leather and therefore a more resistant and durable material. In terms of design, fish leather provides a beautiful texture and three-dimensional quality that melds well with WODEN’s Nordic feel and design aesthetic.

First-class fit

Our footwear is designed for the urban lifestyle, where activity and movement are indispensable parts of everyday life. That’s why our sneakers must also provide the support and fit that the foot needs to carry you through all your daily experiences. Footwear from WODEN encloses the foot with various closures, shaft heights and linings to ensure that the foot does not slide around inside the shoe and that the shoe is still extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day. We offer exceptionally high comfort with our NATURAL SOFT SNEAKERS, which have a polyurethane midsole with a tough, shock-absorbing frame and a center crafted from super-soft polyurethane. The material is carefully designed to give you a soft cushion, which can offload everyday hard shocks to the foot for optimal comfort throughout the challenges and activities of the day. See our full NATURAL SOFT SNEAKERS collection here.

Sneakers and shoes for all occasions and seasons

At WODEN, we create sneakers that match the colors and textures of the season, and which are also suitable for the season’s changeable weather. In our collections you will find items including pristine white sneakers to suit all occasions. Suitable for going out but also for everyday errands and activities. You’ll also find winter boots in calf leather and calf suede, which keep feet warm in winter. If you need new rubber boots, you can also find them in our collections. We aim for a wide selection so you can wear WODEN boots, WODEN sneakers, WODEN wellies and even WODEN sandals without compromising on quality and fit, no matter which footwear you have on in everyday life.

Buy your shoes and sneakers online from WODEN here

We have made it easy for you to buy women’s shoes and sneakers from WODEN – through our own online shop. It’s easy and simple to order the styles you want. We will send you a tracking number as soon as we receive your order, so that you can track your package from the moment we receive the order until it arrives at your home. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or read more under our terms and conditions where you may be able to find the answer to your question.

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