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Rubber boots for women from WODEN

Your feet need the very best conditions to carry you through everyday life, no matter what the weather is like. WODEN has developed fashionable rubber boots for women who connect resilience with comfort. All rubber boots are made in min. 10% recycled rubber mixed with ordinary rubber and natural rubber and have a removable insole of natural shock-absorbing cork, which makes the rubber boots comfortable to wear. The cork sole also ensures a healthy environment inside the rubber boot and leaves a green footprint.

Fashionable rubber boots that keep your feet dry

WODEN’s dedicated design team has developed a collection of rubber boots for those who want to keep feet dry while also having an appreciation for details. In the rubber boots collection you will find high-shafted rubber boots, low rubber boots, zippered rubber boots and rubber boots with elastic. WODEN follows current trends and develops patterns and textures in the rubber boots, making them stylish and fashionable.

Care of rubber boots

If you take good care of your rubber boots, they can last for many years before they need to be replaced. What you probably already know is that you should not put your rubber boots to dry next to a heat source such as a radiator or heater, or directly in the sun, as the heat dries out the rubber boots and causes the rubber to crack. Rubber boots are relatively simple to keep clean if you remove dirt as soon as you have the opportunity. In most cases, dirty rubber boots can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth, which removes the worst of the dirt. Also, care for your rubber boots with natural oil, which ensures that the rubber boots retain their natural moisture and counteract drying. Read more about caring for your rubber boots in our guide here.

Buy your ladies’ rubber boots from WODEN here

Changeable weather calls out for rubber boots. You’ll get a tracking number as soon as your package is ready for shipment, so you can follow your rubber boots from you when you placed the order until they arrive at your home. If you have any questions about your order, you are always welcome to contact us or have a look under our terms and conditions where you may find the answer to your question.

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