Caring for your suede shoes, boots and sneakers

Caring for your suede shoes, boots and sneakers

Suede is easier to care for than you think. With a little tender loving care you can keep your suede shoes looking nice for many seasons to come. Here are a few easy and helpful tips for caring for the suede on your WODEN and WODEN KIDS shoes.

Always remember water repellent for suede

You should always treat your shoes or boots with water repellent before wearing them for the first time – this will prevent stubborn stains and dirt from penetrating the suede. Remember to double-check that the water repellent is suitable for suede!

How to care for your suede shoes, boots and sneakers

In most cases, you can keep your suede shoes and boots clean using warm water. If this isn’t enough, try adding a little white vinegar. Then wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. Always start by applying the water/vinegar mixture to a small area before applying it to the entire shoe to make sure it doesn’t damage the suede.

Over time, your suede shoes or boots may become smooth and shiny on the surface. With a suede brush, it is easy to scrub the surface and roughen it up again to achieve that classic suede look.

Suede cream or spray can help retain the color of your shoes if they are subject to a lot of sunlight. For best results, use a suede spray or cream in a color that matches the suede on your shoes.

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