Leave a greener footprint for the 50th International Earth Day

Leave a greener footprint for the 50th International Earth Day

Earth day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Appreciate the environment by taking your share in a more sustainable world. 

Why we value International Earth Day?  

We have always cared about our planet and the fact of how we treat our environment. We want to take our corporate social responsibility by taking share in a more sustainable fashion industry. By that synthetic materials are replaced with more natural elements such as cork, calf leather and fish leather.  
We want a more sustainable world and try to inspire from the approach: 
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Sophie canvas - Dusty Olive

We have implemented several sustainable initiatives across the entire collection such as: 

  • All our outsoles contain recycled rubber
  • We use organic materials like cork and full-grain leather as a natural replacement for synthetic materials.
  • We have incorporated sustainable CO2 neutral Fish Leather from the North Sea.
  • We use fabrics of a minimum of 50% recycled plastic bottles.

    Introducing a more sustainable sneaker  

    Sophie Canvas - Off white

    One of the products with an extra focus on sustainable values is the Sophie Canvas sneaker, which is perfect for the modern urban woman. These sneakers with their Nordic look come in breathable materials like textile combined with 100% organic cotton, full-grain calf leather and recycled leather.

    The insole consists of naturally shock-absorbing cork on top of our extra-soft natural soft midsole, while the outsole of natural rubber is combined with at least 10% recycled rubber. In addition, there is a focus on the origin and treatment of the materials; for example, using Nordic fish leather as a significant WODEN DNA for the entire collection. 

    Sophie Canvas - Off white

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    For WODEN it is essential that products are made to be more than just another shoe. We want our shoes to leave a greener footprint by aiming to push the barrier for how shoes are constructed in a sustainable way. 

    We always try to seek new solutions that fit the consumers’ needs - in a more sustainable way.  

    WODEN – A green footprint