At WODEN we believe in the freedom to change the status quo. Making sneakers that are fashionable, comfortable and sustainable. This is why we have developed an exclusive North Sea Collection comprised of sneakers crafted from fish leather.

Synthetic materials have been replaced with natural elements such as cork, calf leather and now fish leather. Fish leather is a by-product of the Nordic fishing industry, but it is also known as a material that is 10 times more durable than calf leather thanks to its cross-fibre structure. By comparison, the fibres in calf leather run in only one direction. The material is processed sustainably, for example, dyeing the leather is carried out with water from geothermal sources in Iceland.  All sneakers in our North Sea Collection naturally feature our removable insoles in natural shock-absorbing cork and the flexible outsole in natural rubber mixed with 10% recycled rubber.

Scandinavian design

The nature of Scandinavia is a great source of inspiration for the design of our North Sea Collection sneakers. The fish leather aligns with WODEN’s design tradition and aesthetics thanks to the leather’s beautiful texture and elegance. The collection consists of many different exclusive styles in a range of materials and colors, so there is a pair of sneakers for every taste. And common to all of them is the elegant, lightweight touch lent by fish leather. Shop all styles from our North Sea Collection here.