natural soft sneakers

Our Natural Soft concept is a new technology presented for Spring 2019. The concept is a result of 2 years of development focusing on how to achieve the best conditions for moving around an urban environment.

The result is a double density polyurethane midsole. The frame for the polyurethane is made in a strong density and the sole’s center consists of ultra-soft polyurethane. The location of the material is carefully designed to give you the best possible cushion, stability on the inside of the foot and good shock absorption.


The shock absorption and the softness of the material is the most optimal material we have experienced in our tests. The durability of the material is generally 2-3 times longer than normal, compared to regular EVA sneakers. The elasticity of the material provides a highly flexible sneaker.

Our outsoles are still made of natural rubber mixed with a minimum of 10% recycled rubber.

You haven’t experienced comfort until you’ve worn Natural Soft.