Yellow sneakers - the detail that makes the difference

Sometimes you just need that detail in your outfit that can lift a classic look, or bring out the nuances in your outfit. Yellow sneakers have that effect. Whether the tone you choose is bright yellow or more on the burnt scale, yellow shoes will turn heads and beautifully compliment and bring out details in your outfit. Many will associate yellow sneakers with joy and light, and therefore the shoes bring a sparkling sense of sunshine and good mood. WODEN's yellow sneakers are available in bright modern neon yellow and lemongrass or more over the orange like Golden Hour and if you want to be really festive, check out WODEN's metallic gold shoes in champagne or glitter. You can also top it off with a pair of neon yellow rubber boots from WODEN.

Wear the all-yellow women's sneakers with dark clothes for a particularly luminous effect. Here, the colour will really stand out. Yellow shoes are especially nice with classic colours and shades like black, navy and army green. Pair your yellow sneakers with more delicate shades and pastels like pink and purple for a more playful, summery look. It's a look that looks great on its own, but can also be paired with contrasting details.

If you're going for a more subdued look, yellow sneakers look great with light base colours like sand or light grey.

Yellow shoes - or just a yellow detail?

Love the effect yellow has on your outfit, but want a more toned-down shoe? Then you can choose sneakers that simply have yellow details, such as Rose, Hailey, Esther Maggie and Emilie. The little yellow elements will still give a fresh breath to your look, but in a slightly more understated way than the all-yellow sneakers. Use your sneakers with yellow details as classics in your wardrobe for those days when you want to give your outfit a little extra twist.

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Focus on yellow sneakers for women
- Match the yellow sneakers with dark colours for a special look
- Match yellow sneakers with pastels for a playful look
- WODEN has yellow women's sneakers in many different categories. Shop online here

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