The fall collection has arrived – read all about the inspiration behind it here

The fall collection from WODEN embraces a broad palette of colors and trends, including glitter, snakeskin print and leopard print, which especially characterizing for this season. Read all about the collection and the inspiration behind it here. One thing you can be sure of there’s nothing boring about fall ’19!

Fashion trends featured in the fall collection from WODEN

The palette of colors for fall brings together two opposites. At one end of the spectrum you have colors ranging from earthy tones, like Brown Clay, Cinnamon and Green Gables, to the warmer shades of Mango and Cabernet. The earth tones are a perfect match for any fall look and are a great way to avoid ending up in all black as the Nordic days grow dark and gray.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have a more digital and playful range of colors, including Purple, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Sugar Coral and Ribbon Red.

You can expect to see a lot more of these digital colors this season, because they are so easy to incorporate into a classic wardrobe. For instance, pair yellow platform sneaks with a sand-colored jumpsuit or classic jeans, for a casual-cool look with a twist.

In addition to the broad color palette, this year’s fall trends are also inspired by the animal kingdom. Snake and leopard print continue to grow in popularity, making a striking addition to your classic everyday look. Glitter is also an essential element in the collection, allowing you to shine brighter in the dark winter months.

The fall collection also features new winter boots with our Natural Soft midsole. Natural Soft was introduced in spring 2019 as a new, ultra-soft technology that is perfect for the urban lifestyle and the demands of walking on hard surfaces. This also applies to winter boots, of course! Regardless of whether you prefer the practical, waterproof boot with hiking details or the elegant and toasty sheep-skin version, you’re sure to find a favorite boot in the fall collection.